Simple Golf Club Size Guide For Beginners

As a beginner, one of the top secrets you need to know is that the size of your golf club matters. When you see pro golfers playing like a wizard on the course, you might wonder whether they use magic. It’s normal to feel strange when you see people doing the incredible. But, there’s one thing you are missing, those pros know the right club size that perfectly fits their game.

When you find the right club size for your height, you become an authority on the course. Even as a beginner, you learn faster, and your skills improve as you build more confidence. 

Now, that’s fascinating. Isn’t it? 

Yes. The size of the club you are playing determines your performance. While playing with the perfect golf club size can improve your game, inaccurate golf club length will give the exact opposite experience. 

So, what is the perfect club size for you? That is what you are about to unveil in this detailed guide. 

Let’s start from the start.

Determining which golf club size is perfect for you depends on several factors. They include the type of your golf club, your posture, body measurement, height, weight, swing style, and skills level. Meanwhile, your height seems to be the most significant factor. 

Are you still confused? Let’s go through a quick, simple golf club size guide to help you, as a beginner, find your perfect match.  

How to choose the perfect club size for your height

Of course, you can find several guides on how to select golf clubs that fit your height on the internet. However, only a few of them are written from a professional perspective and with accurate charts to paint a clearer picture. 

This guide will expose to you the perfect length of golf clubs you should have in your bag. You will learn how to choose the ideal for every item in the golf club set.


To choose the perfect iron for your height, use the following club size guide:

  • 6ft 9 inches  – 7ft 0 inches Add 2″ to Standard Length
  • 6ft 6 inches – 6ft 9 inches Add 1 1/2″ to Standard Length
  • 6ft 3 inches – 6ft 6 inches Add 1″ to Standard Length
  • 6ft 0 inches – 6ft 3 inches Add 1/2″ to Standard Length
  • 5ft 9 inches – 6ft 0 inches Standard Length
  • 5ft 6 inches – 5ft 9 inches Subtract 1/2″ from Standard Length
  • 5ft 3 inches – 5ft 6 inches Subtract 1″ from Standard Length
  • 5ft 0 inches – 5ft 3 inches Subtract one 1/2″ from Standard Length
  • 4ft 9 inches – 5ft 0 inches Subtract 2″ from Standard Length

The chart above has helped several golfers, both the pros and beginners. You can also benefit from it. Moving further, if you have been familiar with golf club fitting for a while, you would have heard about wrist-to-floor measurements. As a matter of cat, the concept is becoming increasingly popular in the club fitting industry. 

In recent times, most golfers prefer using wrist-to-floor and club chart cross-referring height measurements. You now have a choice between using only height measurement or wrist-to-floor measurements. 

Instead of using either of the two, it is advisable to use both of them to be double sure of whatever calculations you have made. It will also help your calculations to be more accurate when you are performing a static fitting.


Most golfers will tell you that your driver shaft length determines your shot distance. How long your driver shaft determines how long your ball can travel on the course. From that theory, we can conclude that longer drivers bring a better result, right? Well, that only remains true on paper.

In reality, it is not the same story.    

Even if you are judging by the Rules of Golf for every competition, a club shaft length of 48 inches is good enough to make your ball go as farther as you want. To buttress that further, I have always noticed that the average club driver used in major golf tournaments like PGA Tour is 44.5 inches. You can also check the nearest golf shop; the average driver length you will find is 45.4 inches.


Choosing the perfect putter might be a little bit tougher. Yes! And, I am not exaggerating. When it comes to buying the right putter, accuracy and control are of great essence. You have to be more conscious of the keywords – ‘accuracy’ and ‘control’ unless you don’t mind having countless strokes. 

When you play with a perfect putter, you can get the ball straight into the hole with the first stroke. Or, at worst, the lowest number possible.

Your putter’s length can make a massive difference in your accuracy and control. However,  it’s not only your height that determines the size of the putter that is suitable for you. 

Technique and athletic ability are a huge factor in choosing the right putter length for a golfer. Depending on your experience, you might need to consider your style of putting into the measurement. 

How about a custom-Fit golf club?

Well, there are two ways to choosing custom-fit golf clubs. 

The first way is a static fit. As the name implies, you will have to take a static measurement from your wrist-to-floor or fingertip. Furthermore, you will have to try different lie angle heads, after which you will take a glove measurement to get the actual grip size that fits you. Static fitting works better for beginner or novice golfers.   

The second way to get the perfect golf club size is a dynamic fitting. This method seems to be more accurate. It involves using a launch monitor to determine the actual head and shaft that best fits you. click here to learn more about playing golf on the budget.

Final Words

The golf game can be expensive if you want to get the best result—no doubt about that. You can get cheaper options for your golf clubs from some non-standard golf shops or buy second-hand clubs from a colleague. However, you need to note that purchasing the wrong golf club can make you spend more. Hence, you must make sure you buy the right club for your game.