What is the Future of Play to Earn Games

What is the Future of Play to Earn Games

There is no easy way to answer the question of the future of NFT games or play to earn games. The simple truth is that the future is not inevitable, and you have to take it like that. However, it is the same way the future of cryptocurrency is not certain, yet it has remained with us for a while. The truth is that we relate the question of this certainty with our ability to control it. Each time we remember that the blockchain network is not centralized or dependent on any regulation, we doubt it.

Meanwhile, isn’t that what makes the platform secure? Isn’t the end-to-end encryption what makes the transactions safe and secure? Instead of focusing on the game’s risks, we should instead focus on the popularity of the play to earn games and the increasing number of players. As a result, we also know that the value of the in-game assets continues to increase as more players get on board. Moreover, as they play and earn the rewards, the rewards increase in value as trading occurs. 

In addition, there are other NFT games from different genres within the play-to-earn gaming space. And even in countries where it is easy to make a living off playing these games, people can also get aroused interest without a break. You may also discover the essence of each gaming activity within the game. For example, is it safe and secure to invest in the play-to-earn NFT game?

Is it safe to invest in play to earn games?

The question of the future of cryptocurrency games or play to earn games cannot be divorced from how safe investments are in the environment. Most NFT games demand players to pay an entry fee as a form of investment into the game. It is an investment because you can earn back your money from the reward system in cryptocurrency. And if you like, you can convert it back to real fiat currency. It is only normal that you should invest if you expect to make a profit.

Therefore, the next time you consider play-to-earn NFT games, you are not just thinking of mere games but real investments. The investments are not only about the immediate but for the future as the price of cryptocurrency continues to change. When we bring in the perspective of an investment, it then calls for a careful analysis of the market before investing. At the same time, gaining knowledge about the game is another way of gaining more confidence.

What is the role of Blockchain in Play to Earn Games?

Blockchain technology is the platform host for this gaming system. And while the ore idea of the play-to-earn model for these modern games is not strange, there are massive options of game genres available. Some online massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMO-RPGs) are already available based on fiat currencies. However, the cryptocurrency opens an entirely new space for gaming investment and can only be found on the most secure platform – the Blockchain.

What is the Future of Play to Earn Games

As for the cryptocurrency games, there is a vast difference in these games in terms of blockchain technology. It is also easier to address the related issues that need to be resolved, such as the rarity and provenance. These games on the blockchain network simplify the transaction and record them on the immutable database. Without the governance of this unique network, assets are centralized on a single vulnerable platform.

However, the blockchain network uses a decentralized set of computers where each node carries a copy of the entire dataset. Also, it prevents the possibility of data manipulation, deletion, omission, and duplication of whatever makes the alternative method vulnerable. 

The Connection between Blockchain NFT Games and the Metaverse/Web3 Ecosystem

Another great property of the blockchain-based games in the play-to-earn model is their ideal precedence through the metaverse/web3 trends. In the latest world of technology, there is a pronounced decentralization of data that web3 brings about. Therefore, as decentralization becomes the unique selling point for play to earn games, a blockchain foundation ensures the value of the token-based economy is preserved in all cases.

It also uses a financial framework that utilizes different crypto assets embedded in the game. These assets may involve stable NFTs to the farthest imaginable assets like cryptocurrencies. When the player continues to accrue these NFTs and trade them across different platforms, they can get the proper support, especially for native tokens. However, it requires participating in the Web3 games. Then the tokens may be locked into smart contracts on the blockchain network.

What is the Future of Play to Earn Games

How different Play-to-Earn Economies Work

In the play-to-earn gaming economy, the developers must think beyond the immediate profits of the game. The design must factor in the balance between buying and selling and the values they can potentially derive from trades. In other words, both the game players and the game developers see each other as partners. At the same time, the player’s role in this partnership is to hold on to the valuable assets and distribute them appropriately by trading. 

As this process takes place, the assets available and value growth ensure that more players can join the game. At the same time, the game increases in demand, where the NFT collection of a player can continue to grow in number. By implication, the developer’s profit also grows because he earns from every transaction. However, the game developers also need to take note of some crucial areas. 

Creating unique NFTs has a cost that also needs to pay off. When the developer makes money from any transaction, that is a form of reward for creating the game; in other words, when an NFT changes hands from one gamer to another, it amounts to profit for the developer. For example, an NFT skin may have a royalty fee set at 5% of the transaction fee. Part of this trading fee belongs to the developer, and he continues to make money each time that NFT is sold to a new player. 

In that case, the developers usually set a profitable fee to encourage the players to increase their assets. However, another issue arises with the free games that give cryptocurrencies to their players? The developer’s profit may come from running and displaying ads through the app to players. In the case of free play, many players will continue to spend a lot of time there, which may mean more crypto for all parties. 



Play-to-earn game is an avenue to play video games and earn real money. 

Today’s world is full of opportunities online to make money and be happy. Play-to-earn games are one of the platforms created as an opportunity for people to engage in making money and also be happy. Many play to earn gaming are paying players massively. 

This world era is so dramatic that you don’t need to be looking for a job here and there; the online platform has created a means of survival for the people. 

Just browse online and search for video games that are paying players and trust me, you will get more than expected, and through that, you can begin to earn more than the office workers.

Meanwhile, making money in play to earn games is also contingent on how you can work.


This article is put together to establish some facts and differences between play to earn games and office work and why many people are leaving their office work and signing up into play to earn games. Most important profit-making schemes or platforms can draw people to themselves.

In a nutshell, money can change people and their way of life. Everyone wants to make money and be free from being controlled or intimidation by their bosses. I will explain why people prefer play to earn gaming to be in an office for hours, yet the return is not as good as what they earn from playing video games. 

Play to earn games has so many advantages and opportunities that it is inviting and catchy.

Why Play to Earn Games is better

There are so many benefits to playing to earn games that have made it accepted around the globe. 

Video games have greatly dominated the online because they give players two essential things crucial to life. The essential things are Pleasure and make Profits.

I will discuss these benefits and reasons why playing to earn games is far better than doing office work.


1. Pleasure: Playing video games gives more Pleasure, fun, and entertainment. 

Pleasure is essential to our lives, and people are ready to give whatever it takes to get it. Play to earn gaming have come to bridge the gap and provide maximum pleasure for people who can hardly find them in their regular or office work. Play to earn games are so loaded that no age bracket will not benefit from them. Not everybody gets maximum pleasure from watching football, swimming, and other sports; that’s why many ventured into playing video games.

2. Profit-making: Play to earn games are also a very excellent platform to earn big money.  

All play to earn gaming pay their players without stress, delay, and struggles. Players do not need to undergo any stress before getting their earnings because the technology in which play to earn games is built has a payment pattern.  

It is unique and transparent. Ever since play to earn gaming have hit the internet, people have been making huge money,  and the more they earn, the more they invest back in the games. There is no limit to how much you can; the more you play, the more you earn. There are several ways to regularly make money by playing to earn games, unlike the office work that has set a limit to the work hour, which will automatically affect the profit.

3. Easy to do: Play to earn games are easy to do, from creating an account to earning. A step-by-step guide enables the new player to understand to play and earn quickly. 

Play to earn game is a transparent system for players, and once they follow the rules, the earning is made easy. The play-to-earn game does not need too much from anybody who wants to join the earning community; only your laptop or another device that enables the games are needed. 

Compared to office work, the applicant must at least have a certificate to obtain the job. Also, the applicant would need to write an application letter and later go for an interview which determines the applicant’s acceptability. 


4. No age barrier: Office job has age restriction so that only some people can apply for a particular job.

Unlike play to earn games that are open to everyone, even though those below 18 may not be able to sign in apart from that, play to earn gaming allow no age limitation as long as you can operate your system or other devices can adhere to the rules of the game.

This open door has given many people access to play to earn games, and they are earning for real. Both young and old can get involved in play to earn games.

5. Cryptocurrency advantages: Cryptocurrency has massively influenced play to earn gaming because players will play to earn cryptocurrency and exchange it for real-world money.

Cryptocurrency has enormous benefits, and it’s the current digital money people are buying and selling now. Cryptocurrency price is favorable to anyone who earns from playing to earn games because by the time you bring your earned tokens to the Blockchain, and it’s being changed to real-world money, you will know how much you have made. In contrast to an office job, hardly one can earn cryptocurrency from any office job. You can only earn that outside your office work.

6. Freedom: In play to earn games, you are boss on your own; nobody will query you that you are late, neither would anyone challenge or command you, unlike in office work, you work under pressure and scrutiny.

Players in play to earn games are boss on their own because they control what happens. Players in play to earn gaming also receive their earnings directly to their wallets and trade by themselves.


This write-up aims at helping those who are thinking about whether they should be involved in a play-to-earn game. Imagine the wide gap between play to earn games and an office job. Choose play to earn games and obtain Pleasure and money. 

Why You Need To Invest In GALA Play To Earn Games

Why You Need To Invest In GALA Play To Earn Games

The new trend of playing video games and earning real-life money has become a boom amongst the young game enthusiasts and in the circles of middle-aged and older adults who either need an additional stream of income or desire to combine fun with business. 

Even if you are not too familiar with the gaming industry, you should have heard about play to earn games from a friend or media. Play-to-earn GALA games offer you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies in in-game tokens. At any convenient time, you can use your in-game rewards to buy some in-game assets, use them to pay bills, or withdraw them in the form of cash,

Due to the money-making opportunities that come with these games, many people are turning in the light direction to take part in the national cake and break away from financial limitations. In recent years, play to earn gaming industry has experienced a sudden surge with the blend of metaverse and blockchain. If you want to taste the success stories, the GALA game is an excellent platform to put your money and earn a huge fortune. 

What are GALA games?

GALA game is one of the leading blockchain play-to-earn gaming platforms that allow players to have fun and get substantial monetary rewards for their pleasure. Unlike some of the prevailing play to earn games that have gradually lost their fun part in the quest of making the game environment more challenging for players, the developers of GALA games realize that a game to retain its ability to entertain.

GALA games have been in the gaming industry for a while, but not many people have discovered how beneficial the project can be to its participants. In this article, you uncover why this game might be a good choice for you. 

What are the game’s active user statistics?

If you invest in any play-to-earn project, you must know how it is doing in the market, characterized mainly by its subscribers. Since its developers launched it in 2019, the game community has grown to over a 1.5million active users who plugin monthly, and the platform has sold more than 26 000 NFTs, with the most expensive piece rated at $3 million. What do you think about that? Isn’t that impressive? Of course, for a project that has only lasted for two years.

However, the GALA play-to-earn game is not among the most popular. Yet, it has attractive success stories that can get you convinced. You can check the statistics to decide whether it is worth your investment.  

Why You Need To Invest In GALA Play To Earn Games

The Blockchain 

GALA games operate on the Ethereum network, one of the most tested and trusted blockchain platforms for developing utilities. Though, gas fees can be a discouraging factor. However, the polygon was a better option as the second layer platform on Ethereum than layer 1. 

GALA play-to-earn game is one of the best you can invest your hard-earned money. Why? There are several benefits you can derive from playing the game. To be precise, let’s examine the top five. 

5 Reasons to Invest In Gala Play-To-Earn Game

  1. Ownership structure

Some of the most hyped play to earn games out there seem not to be fair to their participants, but not many people notice. If you have been in the shackles, you will discover that you have invested so much only in gaining nothing. The secret is that most developers are there to maximize gains. Hence, they will set a very high price as the investment rate and tighten the game environment to sabotage the opportunity of earning as much in-game reward as possible. 

GALA games allow players to use (Non-fungible Tokens) and other unique utilities in a decentralized network. That makes you an outright owner and gets you more involved in the play. As a player, you may choose to convert your in-game token to cash and use it for other investments

Knowing that you have an absolute right over your digital asset gives you a sense of belonging and involvement in the administrative level of the platform.

  1. Partnership 

One of the best features that get you convinced your invet6ment is in good hands. Firms with credible affiliations operate better and give the hope of a brighter future. Developers of GALA games are pulling strings of healthy partnerships with top players in the gaming industry, such as The New World. GALA games operators announced an impressive partnership with The New World. A top digital art marketplace run by seasoned artists. GALA games are saddled with a community-focused vision to ensure players and artists get their rewards for what they do.

Why You Need To Invest In GALA Play To Earn Games

  1. Supply of GALA token

The present supply of GALA games is over 6.9 billion, but that seems not enough. GALA games aim to distribute up to 17.1 billion every day between July 2021 and 2022. Every July, the GALA games halve their daily distribution of GALA cryptocurrency. Many speculations have shown that halving in the crypto space reduces its supply. All things being equal, mint prices will soar, which means the money in every holder’s pocket.

One of the signs you need to watch out for when examining a digital asset is the platform that lists the assets. In this regard, Binance is among the most credible exchange platforms. Others include mandala exchange, OKEx, FTX, and Huobi Global. 

  1. Variety and Ease of Games 

The GALA play to earn games house many games with diverse experiences. They include Town Star, Fortified, Mirandus, Echoes of Empire, and Spider Tank. These features make the game more fun, enjoyable, and technical. They provide you with multiple options to explore the in-game environment and, of course, an opportunity to earn more.

  1. Community-driven

Most of the play to earn games are developed and launched without consideration for players’ participation. That’s one of the high points of GALA games. GALA games have a healthy relationship with interactive social platforms like telegram and discord.

In Conclusion 

GALA games allow you to invest little and earn big. Without dispute, it is one of the most lucrative and enjoyable play to earn games in 2002. Though this game is among the latest in the industry, it ranks among the top-rated while operating on the most trusted Ethereum blockchain. It remains the most promising gaming project for both side hustlers and full-time gamers. 

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